Offshore Development Center

Why Set Up an ODC with Volen?

Setting up an ODC in an unknown location, with no supportive representatives, may be quite a challenge.

With Volen, you may benefit from all the advantages of an offshore software development center as a business model and will avoid all potential hurdles of the process.

Here’s what you get when working on the OSDC with us:

  1. Legal support
    Volen provides a lawyer who assists with registering a legal body, consults on all legal issues, etc.
  2. Office facilities 
    We help clients to find the building for locating their office in line with their requirements (i.e., size, budget, location).
  3. Recruiting
    We hire not only developers, but also your main team members. If you need recruiters to work specifically in your ODC, we can depute such staff for you as well or find the specialists you need (e.g., marketing specialists, HR, accountants, etc.).

4. Accounting 
If you don’t need a full-time employee to conduct accounting, we can provide you with a part-time service of this kind.

5. Equipment 
Our technical specialists consult clients on the purchase of all equipment required for the ODC’s functioning.

6. Office perks
Experts of Volen help to choose the office furniture, to equip the kitchen, and to establish snack budgets.

7. Benefits package
We can help you to create an appealing package of workplace benefits for your employees within the budget you estimate.
They may include insurance, gym membership, English courses, professional training, etc.

8. Office management 
We can hire a full-time or part-time office manager to manage the daily running of your ODC.