Microfilming & Microfiche

Preservation and Conservation of digitized documents on Microfilm Media

The digitized documents are very important in nature and needs. The solution is to write these digital images onto microfilm media which has advantages such as,

  1. To be stored for longer time
  2. Tamper proof
  3. Secondary media of storage for future reference
  4. To store the documents with very less storage space
  5. Microfilm roll is the widely used international media for storage of documents for longer life
  6. The departments like National Archives of India, State Archives in India, High courts and Supreme courts of India and many legal and historical documents have been converted onto microfilm rolls
  7. Microfilming will be on 35mm non-perforated rolls of imagelink or fuji film
  8. Properly processed Microfilm roll which make sure that no silver residues left with lab test certification will have long life preservation of about 500 years
  9. Lab test certificate of each batch of 35mm microfilm rolls to be submitted as proof of properly processed film.

These microfilm rolls can either stored centrally in a small secured storage or can be distributed to corresponding department’s offices which could be stored in a small secured storage.


We use the latest generation microfiche scanners to digitize microfiche of all types, including standard or long jackets, COM, AB Dick, Ultra Fiche and Microx, 16 mm, 35 mm, combo 16 mm / 35 mm, silver, vesicular, diazo, duplicates, positive or negative, simplex / duplex, portrait (cine), landscape (comic), etc.