Introduction to Digitization Solution

Scanning and Digitization is basically the process of converting physical documents into digital copies. It helps reduce the physical storage space and access documents quickly and best practice for disaster recovery. Digitizing your physical documents will help you to preserve them in digital format for a lifetime.

How the Digitization Process works…


  • Before starting the actual scanning, we do a high level analysis of the size of the documents.
  • Based on the size, the suitable scanners are allotted for the project.
  • Document receiving- We ensure that the documents are handled in a proper manner. A physical tracker is maintained to track the receiving & returning back of the document.
  • Document preparation for scanning-(Vacuuming, Cleaning, Pin/stapler removal, Repairing, Gumming/Taping, Numbering etc.)


  • In this stage, the documents are scanned in high quality scanners
  • Scanning is done in 300 DPI, Grey Scale, & OCR Searchable PDF output
  • QA Scanning- Parallely the QA Team will do Quality check of the scanned images
  • Image Enhancement Process- Dots Removal, Image Cropping, Alignment, Cleansing etc.,

Image Repository:

  • Once the scanned images are done with the Quality check, the images are hosted in the repository which could be directly mapped to the DMS
  • The scanned images are directly exported to the DMS Software thru process automation

Indexing Stage:

  • This process captures the data from the scanned images to identify the document for further perusal
  • Data Fields are predefined based on the requisites of the customer
  • Our Indexing team login to the application remotely & complete the indexing process
  • These Meta data captured from the images will act as the keywords for search & retrieval of the documents
  • QA Process- QA team will do a thorough analysis of the captured data by automation process & also by Manual double checking process.

How this Digitization solution helps your organization

  • Reduction of storage space
  • Documents are safe with high level security
  • Digitized documents can be stored at multiple locations to comply on disaster recovery.
  • One click instant access to documents online
  • Managing and searching the documents becomes easy
  • No need to worry of losing any document

Why to choose Volen for your Digitization

  • For over a decade, Volen has established an unsurpassed history of excellence by delivering services to some of the largest and most prestigious companies around the world.
  • With a team of expert professionals, we put best efforts to scan your documents safely, securely store them and provide online documents retrieval engine.
  • Volen is one stop shop for all your digitization services. We are specialized in document Scanning, Indexing or Meta data capturing & enabling them for search & retrieval thru our document management software with full time support.
  • Our team is trained on different industry domains like HR, Finance, Logistics, Engineering and Hospital Medical Records etc., We understand the document types precisely and provides a professional project delivery.
  • We’re highly reliable, modern and cost-effective.
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certified in terms of Quality Management.